Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

At, we are happy to help you. However, before you email or call us with any questions, please review the resort links and general info links on this web site, as the answers to most common questions are included within the web site – either on each individual resort page, the general info pages, or in the FAQ’s shown below.

How do I check availability?

Yes, that is one of the most obvious ones… (hint) take a look at the image at the top of this page. Fill in the search form and it will display all of the available matching results. Pretty simple really.

Is this really “live” availability?

Yes, as live as is possible. At the moment that you hit the “Find Available Choices” button, our booking system pulls data directly out of each resort’s management computer for the latest up to the minute “availability”, puts the data together from the various resorts and displays it on the screen for you within seconds. It is the exact same availability you would get if you called each individual resort or villa directly.

If I book, when do I receive a confirmation?

Your confirmation # will be displayed on the computer screen seconds after you complete (and submit) the reservation form. It can’t be any easier !! Once the resort recieves notification of the booking (also immediately), they will then process the deposit and email you either a confirmation or a rental agreement that needs to be signed and returned.

Are there any hidden charges or booking fees?

No. None at all. What you see displayed is what you pay.

How many condos are bookable on this web site?

The exact number keeps changing as we add more, but currently there are over 300 condo units and villas “live” in the system.

How much is the tax and service charges – it doesn’t seem to be the same amount for each resort?

All accommodations in the Cayman Islands are subject to a 13% government tax. On top of that, each property charges a “service charge” which can vary from 0% up to 10%. Most condo resorts charge 6%. This service charge amount is determined by each individual property, so there is no “standard” amount for that. Also, Cayman Villas, which is one of the participating property management companies, includes all taxes and service charges in their published rates. So, if the condo or villa you are viewing does not list any taxes, it is not an error – it is just a unit with any tax/svc included in the rate.

Why use CayDirect?

There are many reasons to use our service. It is quick, efficient, unbiased, free to use, and just the best way to check as many options as possible in the shortest possible time. You can quickly see the available condo resorts, the number and type of available units at each resort, the total cost of each option, photos, descriptions, location maps, and more. You won’t find a more complete overview of the “AVAILABLE” options anywhere else. Using CayDirect will ensure you choose the best available option for your dates and will save you a ton of time and money as you no longer have to check multiple web sites or call or email 5 or even 10 or more different properties to check availability and find out what price are. You can see it all on CayDirect and have a confirmed reservation in a fraction of the time!!

Furthermore, as our name suggests, you are actually booking DIRECT with each resort when you use our web site. Our booking system is tied DIRECTLY into each resort office’s computer, so they receive your reservation instantly, process the payments, issue refunds etc. CayDirect is just a conduit to help you find and book any one of many condo resorts or villas – all in one place. VERY Convenient!

Who charges my credit card – CayDirect or the resort?

All charges are made by the rental management company that manages the condo or villa you are booking. This is usually the resort office itself (if the resort is self managed) or a 3rd party property management company (mostly for private villas or homes). CayDirect does not charge any fees and will never charge your card.

How much of a deposit is required?

This varies with each resort and season. See the individual resort’s page or view the deposit policy for your chosen resort as you are completing the booking process – the correct rules will be displayed as you fill in the reservation form.

Who do I get a refund from if I cancel?

As above, the resort or property management company itself handles all charges and refunds. CayDirect does not handle payments at all.

When do I have to cancel by?

This also varies with each resort and even each season. See the cancellation rules displayed on the individual resort page. Or you can also view this information on the booking form as you work through the reservation process. The correct cancellation rules will be displayed for the resort and season that you are booking.

What credit cards are accepted?

This also varies with each resort. As CayDirect does not charge your card, it is the individual resort office (or management company) that determines which credit cards are accepted. You can see which cards are accepted on each resort page… or you can go thru the booking process until you come to the payment screen, and it will indicate which cards are accepted for the payment that is due for that booking. Visa and MasterCard are accepted by all condo resorts and villas. American Express and Discover are not as widely accepted, but there are still quite a few that do accept both of those cards.

Is there a booking fee?

No. CayDirect does not charge you anything for this service. Each resort pays us a fee for being included in this reservation service, and they do so because we bring them customers they would otherwise not have been exposed to, and because we save them a lot of time and work by providing this reservation service to you.

Who do we talk to if there is a problem with our condo?

Your 1st course of action if you arrive and have a problem with the condo, is to contact the on-site rental manager, as it is their job for the daily cleaning and maintenance of the condo unit. However, if you try that and are not happy with the response, you are welcome to contact us and we will talk with the rental manager to help try to correct the issue. In this case we would act as a liason between the property manager and the guest.

How long has CayDirect been in business?

Our parent company, Caribbean Travel Group, has been renting condos in the Cayman Islands since 1998. CayDirect is a new web site that opened in 2011, as it was created especially for this project, which is a collaboration between the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, the Cayman Islands Tourism association, and our parent company.

Is CayDirect trustworthy?

Absolutely! We have been renting out condominiums in the Cayman Islands for over 10 years via our original Cayman Vacations web site. We are well known and respected by every condo manager and have helped thousands of guests find accommodations on the island. Plus, we are the only company that has been officially approved and backed by the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism and the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, so we have the 2 largest tourism organisations in the Cayman Islands firmly behind us.